Refer your Patient

General Practitioners can refer their patients directly to MercyAscot Endoscopy, without patients needing to consult with a specialist first.

To make our referral process more efficient MercyAscot has implemented:

  • A GP Hotline 0800 4 ENDOSCOPY 0800 43 63 67
  • An electronic referral system whereby you can refer your patients online through Healthlink

We encourage all General Practitioners to use these services to ensure a seamless and timely delivery of these referrals.

E-referral (via Healthlink)

Our HealthLink ID is: escopema
Using HealthLink E-referrals will ensure:

  • Referrals are processed in a fast and efficient manner
  • Communication with our clinics remain secure and confidential
  • Referral letters do not get 'lost' in the postal system
  • Mercy Endoscopy receives all the required information

If your GP Practice is not connected to HealthLink then you will need to complete a MercyAscot Endoscopy form, and fax or post your referral directly to MercyAscot Endoscopy.

Click here to view the Affiliated Provider Guidelines 


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